Glam Girl Go: On Frugal Friendly Dates! How to have Fun in the District for under $20 bucks and it's legal!

When Metromoix assigned me to find cheap date options in DC,
I was up to the challenge. Let's face it, times are tough and dating in D.C. can be an expensive investment with no guarantee of lasting love.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover there are many fun and legal ways to have a good time in DC for under 20 dollars. I did a happy hour hop, a tantilizing tango, boat rides to bike rides all without breaking the bank. DC offers many options for dancing, to debauchary, to insightful cultural events. Here's all the frugal friendly fun!

Open Mic Night
Every Tuesday, Busboys and Poets offers open mic poetry. This popular event is a unique choice for an artistic night on the town. Wristbands for poetry night can be purchased throughout the day, so be sure to purchase yours in advance as this event sells out way before showtime.Admission is $4 per person and that still leaves plenty in the budget for the popular $8 nacho appetizer, which is the food of choice in this lyrical lounge. The dish is hearty enough for two and is availiable in vegetarian or with chicken or beef.

Get In Shape While On A Date
There are several company's in the district that offer hourly bike rentals for under 20 bucks. Prices vary throughout the city but try Bike and Roll for D.C. tours that cost $10 for 2 hours, The Gaylord Hotel National Harbor charges $10 per person, Fleltcher's Boathouse in Georgetown is $6 an hour. Or you can even rent a kayak, canoe or sailboat for about 8 bucks an hour at Thompson's Boat Center . Tour the monuments, and experience the sights and sounds of D.C., even if it's not a great date, it'll be a fun workout!

Boat Rides and Watersports

Pack a picnic and be one with nature at Bladensburg Waterfront Park. The park features canoe, kayak, and rowboat rentals on weekends from late May to the end of October. Spend an hour or the whole day exploring the sights and sounds along the Anacostia River with frugal friendly rates of $5/hour, $12/day for MD residents or $6/hour, $15/day for non-residents. Fees per rowboat & paddle boat are: $6/hour $15/day for residents; $7/hour $20/day for non-residents. Also there are free pontoon boat tours Tue.-Fri., 12-12:45 p.m. and Sat. & Sun. 5-5:45 p.m.

Go Dancing
Take a dance class together as the perfect excuse to get up close and personal. Victoria and Issac of Capital Tangueros hosts a Tango crash course every Tuesday at 18th Street Lounge from 8-9 p.m. Plus, to Tango, the closer the body, the better the dance since you have to communicate to your partner without words to make the dance look flawless -- so this is a great excuse to get close to your hot date.

Take this class, then show off your moves at the Milonga, (which is Argentine dialect that refers to a gathering where the tango tradition is preserved through learning and practicing the dance form.) that follows after. The Milonga is from 9-midnight and free for crash course students as an extension of their learning! Tango lessons are $10 dollars per person, however 18 Street Lounge hosts a happy hour with free hummous and grape leaves, so get there early, have a snack, then dance.

Happy Hour Hop
 Dare we say it? McCormick & Schmicks has one of "THE BEST" happy hours in the capital! This frugal friendly date option might mean an early start since the savings start at 3:30 p.m. and end at 6:30 p.m. with Friday nights extending to 7 p.m. There's always a beer special and the food specials alone makes this a great date destination.

You can get their famous half pound burger with fries for $1.95. They have twelve food items under ten bucks with vegetarian choices as well. For a good time drink wine. Ladies will love the $6 signature Smirinoff specials like the yummy lemon drops and strawberry lemonade. Also there's $3 and $4 beer and a plethora of menu items under 10 bucks with several hearty options under $3.

The 901 F Street location hosts Caribbean night on Wednesday with island themed menu choices and atmosphere. You can kick start your night here, then head across the street to the Portrait Gallery (admission is free) to end the night on a cultured note -- all for under 20 bucks, you might even be left with change!

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