Trainer Mike's moment of motivation: Tips to stay on track!

1. Write down your No. 1 burning health goal on a business card and have it laminated. Look at this at least 10 times a day to keep you consciousness on the goal. A number of psychologists have shown that becoming more conscious of your dreams and goals and reminding yourself throughout the day increases your chance of creating the results you want

2. Make a commitment to try one new healthy food each week – this commitment keeps you more conscious of your food choices and also gives your “same old” grocery list some new life

3. Commit to subscribing to a new health/wellness magazine so you can learn the language of nutrition and health – people who are healthy have different discussions about health, food, movement.

4. Make a decision to get rid of all the junk food (high fat, high sugar) out of your house for one month and see if that high sugar, high processed food is even missed. At the same time, enjoy the new leaner you – as you are what you eat better and celebrate every step towards your goal.

5. Download or make 30 minutes of high energy motivational songs for you to use when you go out for a healthy walk. Only listen to these tunes when you walk – so you will be motivated each time you are walking, etc.

6. Sign up for a group class in an activity you would never normally take. If you a regular runner, try weight-training. If you are a bodybuilder type, take an intro yoga class.

7. Aim to get at least seven hours of sleep. Research has shown that sleep deprived people weigh more than their rested counterparts.

8. Create a vision board of pictures cut out from magazines of what you want to look like. Cut and paste pictures of running tracks, runners, dumbbells, etc on the board. Paste in words, phrases or quotes that would inspire you whenever you look at the board. Place it in a prominent place – i.e. your upstairs bathroom or your bedroom. The human brain thinks in pictures. Recent studies have shown that the best athletes are also usually the best visualizers. Use similar techniques that top athletes use to go for the gold!

9. Do things to get in shape you have never done before. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over every year that didn’t work last year. “Change is the catch phrase of the week.” (as Pres. Barack Obama said.)

10. Accountability – seek out a like-minded spirit that will email, call you and check in on you. Give them permission to hound you about your health goals. If no one knows that you have given up having a donut every day, who is going to notice that you start eating them again? Yes, commit to doing whatever it takes in 2010 to create a body and mind that are unstoppable.

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