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Profile of a Glamgirl: Jacqueline M. Baker

Jacqueline M. Baker, is an expert in the art of reinvention. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, the author, etiquette and leadership consultant began her career planning weddings. Under the umbrella of her company Scarlett Communications, she also produced special events before hitting a stride as a corporate etiquette coach. According to Baker, "As the Principal Consultant and Founder of Scarlet Communications, I train individuals and organizations to develop and refine important leadership and etiquette skills and embrace experiences that increase confidence and provide a competitive advantage. I have provided training, coaching, and consulting to corporations and community organizations, including Nike, the Department of Defense, the Detroit Lions, Deloitte, the Buffalo Bills, Ernst & Young, Fiat Chrysler, Midnight Golf, the DC Mayor’s office and many others."
Her journey as an entrepreneur inspired her to write her first book, "Leader By Mistake". The book gives an autobiographical look into her career evolution coupled with questions designed to inspire and assist the reader to navigate and recover from mishaps on their path to success. 
Most recently, Baker has launched, "Just Start" a passion-accountability workshop for professionals. The event features an impressive panel of career coaches and sessions designed to help participants overcome self- doubt to put action to their business dreams and career goals. 

You can learn more about her projects at: