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Profile of Glamgirl: Jade Palmer

Wickedly funny, brillant and one of the sweetest ladies I know, Jade Palmer is also an amazing aviator, writer and scholar. Originally from Croydon, England, just south of London, Jade is currently studying global diplomacy while earning her private pilot's license. 
We met on a trip to Bogota, Columbia and her love of soccer and all things nerd instantly made me a fan favorite of all things Jade! For this Glamgirlgo profile, I took some time to talk to the british beauty about her experiences flying the friendly skies. 
DTR: What inspired you to want to become a pilot?
JP: I absolutely love flying. I always have. But there's something really special about piloting a plane. There's no feeling like it.
Learning to fly is the coolest, scariest, most interesting, frustrating, wonderful, exhilarating thing I've ever learned how to do. I love a good challenge and learning to fly has been that ultimate challenge for me.
DTR: What have you found to be your biggest challenge? JP: The cost! It’s expensive to undertake if you don’t go into the military. 
*(According to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's cost calculator, the cost for a private license runs on average $9,900, a recreational runs $7,700 and a sport license about $4,400A sport pilot license permits a pilot to fly only light sport aircraft during the day and in good weather.)*
DTR: What best practices would you give to someone pursuing their private pilot license? 
JP: Fly as often as you can! That’s how you hone your flying skills and intuition. Never ever cut corners when it comes to safety.  Always run your preflight checks and run ups thoroughly. Don’t fly if you don’t feel comfortable. Find the school and instructor that works for you.
DTR: What's your favorite thing about flying?
JP: Seeing a different perspective of a world I experience every day. Also, not everyone can say they can fly a plane and it's so different from anything I've done. I feel comfortable in academia and my fitness routine can be tough, but flying challenges me in a way like nothing else. Flying requires me to be mentally and physically focused and reactive. I love it!

DTR:What keeps you motivated when things get tough?
JP: I have this thing inside of me that won't let me quit. It's almost annoying sometimes because I have this insane drive and ambition. I won't let myself quit. I don't like failure, but I don't see failure as quitting. Anything I put effort in, I won't give up even if I don't get my initial desired results. I won't give up because I have this thing inside me that has to see it through until it's done. I don't give up on my goals.

DTR: What advice would you give to other women aspiring to be pilots?
JP:Do it. Do it as soon as you’re able to. I've noticed that slowly, more and more women are becoming pilots. Seek those women out and ask them how they did it. Ladies in Flight Training and Women in Aviation are two great places to start. Good luck!

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