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Profile of a GlamGirl: Solange Knowles

She's the younger sibling of one of the most famous faces in the music industry, yet this Houston beauty has created her own unique style and flair that’s decidedly all her own.
Retro with a rock edge, saucy with a girl-next-door appeal, controversial and un-politically correct she's more than a multi-talented artist she's ....well interesting.
Married at 17 and a mother soon after; she capitulated her foray into the family business as a back up dancer into a multi-faceted career. Movie and television stints came before and after the cleanest, quietest divorce in entertainment history while hitting her stride as a singer/songwriter. She went on to pen several major hit singles such as "Get Me Bodied" and "Upgrade U for big sis as well as Destiny's Child. However, Her breakout album, "Seat at the table" would garner her critical acclaim and land her Grammy award for "Cranes in the sky" a song penned after her divorce.
 The first time I met Ms. Sol-Angel was backstage at the 2008 Bermuda Music festival. The sassy singer had just finished a Motown inspired set as the opening act for her big sister and despite being under the weather, she obliged my interview request. I didn't know what to expect, I was on assignment for a small but historic newspaper, yet she treated me like a member of the family. She greeted me with bare feet, toes painted in multi-colored, neon hues before we began our candid interview. I did not know it then but that interview would be a key factor in my first cover story! (I'll share that journey in another post)

While she has earned accolades as a song writer, she has also garnered critics for her raw honestly and aversion to status quo. Not to mention her unpredictable and often unconventional fashion choices in an increasingly homogenized culture. Her decision to shave her signature locks sent shockwaves through cyber space as a new definition of glam. It also unwittingly served as a declaration of independence and sparked a debate on the standard of beauty. Bold and beautiful, this young ingĂ©nue has proven she has that indescribable “it” that makes her a standout in any the crowd. She’s unafraid to walk alone, she no stranger to the road less traveled. I can’t wait to see where this GlamGirl will Go next (see what I did there :)

Her new album: "When I get home" is available now!