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TBT GlamGirlGo: Beauty Secrets with Mikki Taylor

I caught up with Mikki Taylor former Beauty and Cover director for who teamed up with Johnson& Johnson and WEEN to present; "What's your beauty secret?." The event, featured a fantasy afternoon of pampering and advice from an all star panel of beauty experts including: celebrity makeup artist and Johnson’s Beauty Consultant Tia Dantzler, esteemed dermatologist Dr. Cheryl Burgess, FLOTUS Michelle Obama esthetician, Joelle Lyons, and celebrity makeup artist Derrick Rutledge. Taylor emceeded the luncheon and shared her insight and wisdom on how to maintain beauty inside and out.

GlamGirls: Melanie and Ty
Here were some of the experts top tips:
  • Know your skin type. Ask yourself,  "Is my skin dry? Is it oily? Combination?" if you are unsure see a dermatologist to help address any skin care issues that you have. It is essential to know how your skin reacts and what it’s like in it’s natural state to properly address skin issues.
  • If you have problem skin evaluate your environment and your diet, what you put in your body is just as important as what you put topically on your skin.
  • Drink water and make sure you “eliminate” daily. 
  • Use sunscreen. Many people of color assume that have no need for daily SPF protection. Despite our extra melanin, sun can still do damage to our skin, so make sure you protect it.
  • I have been guilty of this one many times! Did you know that spraying perfume on your neck and chest area can dry the skin out and make it age faster?! Choose alternate areas such as wrists or step into the scent by spraying the air in front of you and walking into the mist.
  • Exfoliation is key. In order to get rid of dark spots and scars they suggest adding an exfoliant or peel to your beauty routine. If you want to get facials or professional peels but can’t afford monthly treatments, go each season. Your skin has different needs in summer, fall, winter and spring and a seasonal check-in could be very helpful.
  • Just because it’s makeup from a department store doesn’t mean it’s the best. A lot of high end brands are owned by the same company for a lower end brand (Estee Lauder owns Bobbi Brown and Flirt!, Kohl’s beauty line) so explore drugstore beauty just as much as you do department store because the packaging and color range might just be the thing that sets them apart.


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